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Wills, Probate, Tax & Trusts

Why do I need to make a Will?

14 Jan 2019

Recordings in 2018 show that over 60% of people in the UK do not have a valid Will, according to research from This is an all-time high (passing the previous peak in 2011) meaning that now over thirty one million UK adults run the risk of dying intestate and having their estate…

A Question of Trust

13 Nov 2018

People are often confused by Trusts and think that they are just for the very wealthy. In reality, Trusts can be a very useful way of providing for your family and protecting assets. What is a Trust? A Trust is any arrangement whereby someone (the Settlor) gives money or assets (the Trust Fund…

Take advantage of Wills Week this November and support St Catherine's Hospice

22 Oct 2018

St Catherine's Hospice and Forbes Solicitors are joining together this November to highlight the importance of writing a Will. The hospice will be running its annual Wills Week from the 12th November to 16th November, when Forbes Solicitors will waive their usual Will-writing fee, and instead…

New SFE report warns of looming incapacity crisis

03 Jul 2018

Leading law firm Forbes Solicitors is urging Lancashire people to consider end of life planning in the wake of a new report from Solicitors for the Elderly ("SFE"), and independent think tank, Centre for Future Studies. " The incapacity crisis: a nation unprepared " reveals the…

Asset Protection Trusts

04 Nov 2016

Asset Protection Trusts can be a useful and effective way to safeguard the family assets and look to preserve them for future generations. There has been much media coverage in recent years of this type of trust with articles running in a number of national newspapers and as a result solicitors are…

Who needs unoccupied property Insurance?

20 Jul 2015

Many people rely upon property insurance in the event their property is subject to damage such as flood, fire, theft and vandals. However, not everyone revisits their insurance policy when there are changes in their personal circumstances. Even if your absence from the property is temporary i.e.…

What happens if a person dies intestate?

04 Jun 2015

If a person dies without making a Will (known as dying intestate) then the process of dividing their estate could become more complicated than if they had set their wishes out in a Last Will and Testament. As it is not legally understood how they wanted their estate to be left, it comes down to a…

Forbes Solicitors support Dementia Awareness week

19 May 2015

This week is Dementia Awareness week in association with the Alzheimer's Society. Specialist Solicitors at Forbes are taking part in various events this week to promote awareness, including a Dementia Awareness Open day and a dementia evening at a local care home. Jennifer Wilkinson, a Dementia…

Is an Attorney and an Executor the same thing?

31 Mar 2015

There is often uncertainty surrounding the differences between an executor and an attorney. Making sure you understand the difference is important to ensure you put in place the correct measures for you and your family. An executor is someone appointed by your will to sort out your affairs after…

The Risks of DIY Probate

09 Aug 2013

Whilst it is entirely possible to administer an estate without legal assistance, there are many pitfalls for the unwary. Many professionally drafted Wills contain trusts. These trusts are usually included in the Will to save tax, protect assets for the future or to provide protection for vulnerable…

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14 Jan 2019

Wills, Probate, Tax & Trusts


Why do I need to make a Will?

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