Archived Legal Articles from 2006


The Blackburn Rover will depart on Boxing Day


The Blackburn Rover and its intrepid adventurers Julie and Peter Turner have exceeded their initial £20, 000 fundraising target. They will be departing from Blackburn Rovers on Boxing Day on the Plymouth to Banjul Challenge. Peter Turner, a consultant with Forbes Solicitors, and his wife…

Companies Act 2006


The Companies Act 2006 is one of the UK's largest pieces of legislation and modernises legislation which stretches back decades. Perhaps it is not the most exciting subject, but nonetheless it is important because of the number of companies and people it will affect. The first parts of the Act to come…

Debt Recovery and Directors


The parties to a contract are, largely, allowed to agree on whatever terms they like. They can agree on the price, the date for payment, when and where delivery is going to take place. They can also agree what is to happen when things go wrong, such as: · who bears the risk of damage to goods…

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Another expert joins the Wills & Probate team at Forbes


The specialist Wills, Probate, Tax and Trusts team at North West law firm Forbes Solicitors has recently been joined by solicitor Felicity Fawcett. Felicity, from Preston, graduated from the Chester College of Law after studying at the University of Central Lancashire, she trained with Preston firm…

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Age discrimination - Are you ready?


Employers are reminded that The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 came into force on 1 October, except for the pension provisions which have been deferred until 1 December 2006 in order to determine if amendments are needed and to allow more time for compliance. The new legislation makes it…

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Powers of Attorney


Many of us take it for granted that we are able to look after our own financial affairs, but have you thought about what would happen if you couldn't. If you were to lose your mental capacity due to say an accident, illness or dementia, you may not be able to make your own financial decisions.…

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Smoking in the Workplace


If you really cannot survive the day without resorting to a cigarette, the time is fast approaching when it could cost you £50 for the pleasure. The draft smoke-free (general provisions) regulations have been published for consultation. They have been circulated by the Department of Health and…

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Landlord Advice - "Protect your house from the people you let into it!"


Thinking of renting out your house? Residential landlords face difficult enough business decisions for their properties without worrying about legal headaches caused by unreliable tenants, but a few small preparations can make a big difference. One of the basic first principles for a landlord is to…

It's 4 U


When is a similar business name unlawful? That was the point raised in a recent case in the Court of Appeal. In this case Phones 4u had bought a case against the owner of the domain name for trade mark infringement and passing off. The issues came down to whether a trade mark which was…

Case Cracked


The Da Vinci Code has been everywhere recently. It has even reached the ears of the courts after two of the three authors of The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, Baigent and Leigh, took Dan Brown's publishers to court claiming copyright infringement. Baigent and Leighs argument was that Dan Brown had…

Making a Will


Making a Will is the surest way anyone has of providing for others after their death. However, many people do not have a Will, leading to complicated problems for their family to deal with when they die. Unfortunately many people do not make a Will believing that everything will automatically pass to…

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White paper hides new stealth tax


Millions of middle-income earners will be hit by a new stealth tax hidden in the Government's pension reforms. Under the changes, people earning more than £18,000 a year will see a key element of their state pension provision - the State Second Pension - almost halved. But there will be no…

Data Protection Watchdog - to get tough on businesses


There has been a recent surge in the number of businesses that collect, keep and hold personal data, with a corresponding increase in the potential for the data to be misused. Deputy Information Commissioner, David Smith, has announced that the data protection watchdog is to get tough on those…

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Only Renting


"I am only renting not buying" is a comment often made by prospective tenants. How wrong can they be. When presented with a 50 page lease prospective tenants soon realise that it can sometimes be simpler to buy a property than to lease it. Prospective tenants intending to take a lease or tenancy of…

The Polluter Pays!


There is no doubt that environmental protection is currently attracting a massive amount of media coverage and that this is slowly feeding through into government policy. It is noticeable that the main parties are now trying to 'out green' each other. In practical terms measures such as the increase in…

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Civil Partnerships


From 5 December 2005 a new law will bring in vast changes to the rights of same sex couples. Gay or lesbian couples will be able to register "civil partnerships" (CP) and have legal recognition of their relationships. Couples who enter into CPs will gain a package of rights and responsibilities…

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