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Deathbed gifts


A recent case has highlighted the uncertainty surrounding deathbed gifts, and the importance of seeking legal advice if you or a loved one are considering making a deathbed gift. A deathbed gift is a gift made in contemplation of death, conditional on death. While in some instances these gifts may be…

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STEP and TEP - What are the benefits?


The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), is an organisation devoted to improving public understanding of the issues families face in relation to inheritance and succession planning.  Promoting education and high professional standards among all of its members is vital to STEP. A number…

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In defence of Lasting Powers of Attorney


Last week, a retired senior Court of Protection Judge, Denzil Lush commented that Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) leave vulnerable elderly people open to financial abuse.LPAs are important legal documents, which allow a person to appoint someone (or more than one person) to make decisions on their…

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What does the Conservative Manifesto mean for social care and the elderly?


Ahead of the general election in June, Teresa May has announced the Conservative manifesto which plans to introduce some new measures in respect of paying for care both at home and in a care home. Under the current system, if an individual has more than £23,250 in assets, including the value of…

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Probate fee increase confirmed - a further tax on the bereaved


Despite strong opposition from the legal profession, including bodies such as Solicitors for the Elderly and STEP, the government has announced that from May probate fees will increase significantly. Currently, when making an application for a Grant of Probate via a solicitor, the Probate Registry…

The cost of not taking professional advice


Unfortunately in any profession or trade, there any companies and tradesman who are out to rip people off and the legal market is no exception. In my field of expertise namely wills, estate planning and probate, there are many companies out there who offer either very heavily discounted fees often with…

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