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Queen's Speech confirms GDPR to survive Brexit


Through last week's Queen's Speech, the government confirmed that which the ICO has already indicated: that there will be data protection law in the UK post-Brexit. Alongside the Great Repeal Bill and various others, will sit a Data Protection Bill, as outlined on pages 46 & 47 of the Queen…

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GDPR Countdown


With just over a year to go before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force you may have started to think about how this impacts your business. A risk based approach is becoming more important because not only are you required to act within the law, you will be required to…

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Tweets of Serious Harm


It is rare that the outcome of Defamation cases that proceed to Trial are reported. Not only does the reporting of the case reveal the parties and the defamatory statements again, the parties involved tend to want to maintain their anonymity. This was not the case in the recently reported…

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Land Assets


Most schools have substantial land assets under their control, for instance the land, buildings and playgrounds where the school is located, but also fields and sports pitches, and sometimes the occasional area of land that serves no real purpose in the day to day activities of the school. This land can…

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SARs and Disproportionate Effort


Compliance with Subject Access Requests (SARs) can be a lengthy and costly exercise especially where the request may involve reviewing a large volume and range of documents. In the recent case of Dawson-Damer and Others v Taylor Wessing LLP , the High Court provides useful guidance regarding the right…

Legal Advice Privilege- Only for the Select Few


The High Court in the recent case of The RBS Rights Issue Litigation [2016] EWHC 3161 (Ch) confirmed that the definition of legal advice privilege only extends to correspondence with employees who are authorised by the company concerned to obtain and receive legal advice on the company's behalf…

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