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Queen's Speech confirms GDPR to survive Brexit


Through last week's Queen's Speech, the government confirmed that which the ICO has already indicated: that there will be data protection law in the UK post-Brexit. Alongside the Great Repeal Bill and various others, will sit a Data Protection Bill, as outlined on pages 46 & 47 of the Queen…

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GDPR Countdown


With just over a year to go before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force you may have started to think about how this impacts your business. A risk based approach is becoming more important because not only are you required to act within the law, you will be required to…

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Sports Bodies- Aiming For Gold or Gold Standard Governance?


The UK Government has announced a new mandatory Code on Sports Governance that will apply to any sports body in receipt of government funding. The Code comes in force at a good time, in light of the recent abuse allegations linked with some London premier league clubs. The new Code contains a…

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