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Recent progress on electronic signatures


A study published on 23 rd August was deemed to be proof enough by the Law Commission that an electronic signature is sufficient to fulfil requirements for a signature on a document. The study tries to modernise the way in which we execute documents where there is a statutory requirement that a…

Another Step Closer for Electronic Signatures


With a Law Commission Consultation Paper adding its voice to the advocates for electronic signatures, the advancement of electronic signatures continues towards universal acceptance. Traditionally, the law has never been very good at keeping up with technology. Whether it involves downloading music…

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Bringing a Buzz Back to Chorley Town


Chorley is set to see a couple of major developments over the next few years, attracting consumers back to the market town. The first development is in the town centre and includes iconic high profile businesses such as Marks and Spencer's, Reel Cinemas and Loungers Bar and Restaurant. The…

Limitations on Limitations of Liability


Any transaction, no matter how much the parties may believe they catered for all eventualities, carries a degree of risk of liability for all parties involved. Where trustees are party to a transaction (whether a property transfer or a lease), they will usually seek to limit their liability to ensure…

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Joint Tenants v Tenants In Common


When a property is owned by more than one person/entity then it needs to be decided exactly how the parties are to hold the property. This may seem like a strange question, but in reality it can be very important. Legally a property will be jointly owned by any party that is listed as a 'registered…

What to do if you have Asbestos in a Commercial Property


Have you ever thought who may be responsible for maintaining all or part of your business premises in relation to asbestos? It is illegal to use any form of asbestos in the construction or refurbishment of any buildings. Much of what was previously used however is still in place. The current key…

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Changes to energy performance certificate regulations


From the 1 April 2018 there are going to be major changes to the regime governing Energy Performance Certificates ("EPC's"). The changes are to be brought into effect by The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 ("the MEES Regulations")…

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