Archived Legal Articles from 2019

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The Importance of Due Diligence


When purchasing a business, whether it is a purchase of its share capital or its assets and liabilities, the buyer of the business will often undertake due diligence (the level of which varies dependent upon the size of the undertaking, the terms of the deal and the level of pre-existing knowledge by…

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Changes to Entrepreneurs Relief


In the lead up to the Budget Statement at the end of October 2018, the Chancellor announced that changes to Entrepreneurs Relief ('ER') would be introduced in the New Year. ER is a relief applied on the sale of certain business assets or shares where Capital Gains Tax is charged at a reduced…

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What can SME's do to prepare for Brexit?


With the Brexit deadline imminently approaching, how can you prepare your business for Brexit? This is a challenge facing every SME based in the UK that either sells internationally, has an international supply chain or relies on international workforce. SME's employ over 15 million people and…

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