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The Queen has spoken!


The Queen has included, in her recent speech to Parliament, the Divorce Dissolution and Separation Bill, otherwise known as the no fault divorce. One would hope, therefore, that this is back on the table for consideration. In 2018 there were 92,361 divorces finalised according to the Ministry of…

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70th Birthday of Legal Aid


The Legal Aid and Advice Act received Royal assent on the 30th July 1949. Ultimately, the aim was to introduce a consistent approach in England and Wales to help and support those who could not afford legal advice or representation and provide them with access to justice. Legal aid was and still is…

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NO FAULT DIVORCE: Proposed Changes and How Divorce Law will be Modernised


The existing rules governing divorce are set under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. The law requires the petitioner to show that their marriage, or civil partnership, has irretrievably broken down. To do this they have to either prove that their partner (the respondent) is at fault, due to them…

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Not Complying with Court Orders can be Expensive!


Unfortunately we are seeing more and more cases where one party is either not complying with a Court Order in its entirety or, is picking and choosing which parts of the Order they will adhere to. This can be a very expensive risk to take. In a recent Judgement of CM and CM 2019 EWSC 16 , the…

Protection from Forced Marriage


The media have recently reported on the protection for girls from forced marriage by increasing the minimum age to 18 years. Campaigners have raised the issue regarding children marrying at the age of 16 years with parental consent as remaining vulnerable to forced marriage. Conservative MP Pauline…

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What would a no-deal Brexit mean for Family Law?


The Law Society has recently published guidance for Solicitors to highlight the changes in both civil and commercial cooperation that is likely to occur should the UK leave the EU without having reached any agreement on the 29th March 2019. The result of the UK and the EU failing to reach a…

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The most expensive divorce in history


The world will now see the most expensive divorce in history. The Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife are to divorce after 25 years of marriage. The founder and CEO of US online retail empire Amazon is the world's richest man, worth $137bn (£107bn). Mr Bezos has claimed in his Twitter…

Divorced women over 50 left behind with pension value by £100,000


Divorced women over 50 end up with pensions worth £100,000 less than their ex partners The press has recently reported that divorced women over 50 end up with pensions worth £100,000 less than their ex-partners. This is very worrying, but unfortunately this is something that is often…

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