Archived Legal Articles from 2019

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In Deep Water - The Pitfalls of Suing an Unincorporated Association


L v The Trustees of Anon Angling Society A claimant has had his claim for personal injury struck out after the Court found there was no legal basis for the claim. Background Claims against unincorporated member associations must be carefully considered as was illustrated by a recent…

Claim Misses the Target


A Claimant who was injured whilst attempting to move an archery target has lost her claim at trial. The facts The Defendant provided archery facilities and training sessions. The Claimant was a keen archer and attended sessions on a regular basis. Prior to an archery class starting, the…

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Let's Twist Again - Defendant not liable for fairground injury


Cullum v Rainbow Amusement Park Ltd A Claimant brought a claim for personal injury after she alleged that she had been injured whilst riding on the "Twist" fairground ride at the Defendant's Amusement Park. The popular "Twist" ride rotates in one direction whilst the…

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