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A Focus on the Professional Team


A construction project typically involves a number of professionals contracted to provide a variety of services. The role of a contractor and its sub-contractors is to carry out the physical work, whereas the role of a professional is to provide specialist advise relating to the project. The group of…

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Grenfell Tower 18 months on; where are we now?


It is now approaching 18 months since the terrible tragedy that took the lives of 72 Grenfell Tower residents on 14 June 2017. So where are we up to with the fallout, and what happens next? The press and public were quick to criticise. In the months following the incident, numerous companies and…

Having a "Fit for Purpose" Clause that is, Well....


To the outside world, lawyers are often accused of focussing on some of a contract's finer details and seemingly small points but the recent case of Williams Tarr v Anthony Roylance has demonstrated how a company's fortune can change on a simple turn of phrase or absence of a clear obligation…

Employee, worker or self-employed?


It is common in the construction industry for a company to engage individuals to provide services on its behalf to an end client. Whilst the company may want the client to view these individuals as part of their company, it is also common for the company to argue that the individuals are self-…

When could works be considered practically complete?


A key part of a development agreement is ensuring clarity on what constitutes the practical completion of a project, and for it to cover what happens with any deviation from the specification of the project. In the recent case of Mears Ltd v Costplan Services (South East) Ltd and others (2018),…

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