Archived Legal Articles from 2020

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Personal Injury


A Balancing Act


Exploring the potential for personal injury claims against an employer arising from the COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage. It is important to remember that these are unprecedented times and there has had to be a quick response by employers to an evolving and dangerous situation…

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COVID-19 and the Justice System


The present circumstances On 18 March 2020, the Lord Chancellor affirmed that "the rule of law is vital to a functioning democracy and even at times like these, it is essential that our independent courts are able to administer justice." Whilst many public places have either been…

Mediation and the NHS


Mediation is a way to resolve clinical negligence and personal injury claims without the delays of a trial, cost, uncertainty and stress of going to court. It is increasingly used in clinical negligence cases to narrow the issues or resolve the case. With a trend towards this type of resolution…

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NHS facing huge clinical negligence fees


There has been a number of recent news articles in relation to the NHS facing huge clinical negligence fees. The article on the BBC states that, through a Freedom of Information request, it has come to light that the NHS in England faces paying out £4.3billion in legal fees to settle outstanding…

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