Archived Legal Articles from 2020

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A Question of Trust


Many people are confused by trusts and think that trusts are just for the very wealthy. In reality, trusts can be a very useful way of providing for your family and protecting assets. What is a Trust? A trust is any arrangement whereby someone (the Settlor) gives money or assets (the Trust…

Share Buybacks - Proceed with caution!


An in-specie contribution is a viable alternative to transferring cash into a pension scheme, and can include assets such as property or shares. Problems can arise where the shares held in the pension scheme are bought back by the company for cash. A private limited company can make use of a…

Update on impact of COVID-19 on SIPP and SSAS transactions - Q&A


· Give the changing rules and regulations both nationally and locally, can a rent holiday still be agreed with a connected tenant company? As early as March 2020, HMRC announced that they would relax their usual requirements in respect of rent holidays (for an independent valuation…

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Legal Health Check


The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted many people to review their situation and to make sure that their personal affairs are in order. If you want to give yourself a personal legal "health check" what should you be looking for? Will One of the most important documents that you can put…

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Pension scheme trustees and conflicts of interest


There is a general rule of equity that trustees, just like all other fiduciaries, must not: · Place themselves in positions; or · Enter into transactions… …where there may be a conflict between their duty as a trustee and their personal interests and other…

New code of practice for Commerical Property relationships during COVID-19


As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt on businesses despite the gradual easing of national lockdown restrictions, the Government has published a new Code of Practice to set out its guidance focussing on how landlords and tenants should try to work together through any difficulties. The…

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