Archived Legal Articles from 2020

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Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property Considerations for New Ventures


It is undoubted that the recent "lockdown" measures that have been implemented by the UK government have placed significant financial pressures on businesses across all sectors. Despite such and in order to adapt during challenging and everchanging market conditions, over recent months, we…

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Intellectual Property Work Undertaken by Forbes' Commercial Team


Forbes' Commercial team regularly provide intellectual property services, such as advising on and assisting with trade mark registrations in the UK and beyond, and handling disputes not only where our clients' intellectual property rights are being infringed, but also where our clients are…

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UK Intellectual Property Office announces end to "interruption days"


In line with the government's lockdown measures, on 24 March 2020 the UK Intellectual Property Office ("UKIPO") closed its offices, declaring that until otherwise notified, "interruption days" would apply to all of its day-to-day functions. This has seen ongoing trade mark,…

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