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Inheritance Tax and Making Lifetime Gifts


In an interview before the opening of his last outing as James Bond in No Time to Die, Daniel Craig revealed he plans on giving a lot of his money away rather than passing all of his money to his children - his philosophy being to "get rid of it or give it away before you go." Not a bad…

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When is a gift not really a gift?


Inheritance tax (IHT) is a tax on the estate (property, money and possessions) of someone who has died, it can also be payable when making certain lifetime gifts. Most people who think their estate would be liable to IHT want to pay the least amount of tax possible when they die and want to look at…

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Be Prepared with a Lasting Power of Attorney


The pandemic has brought to light the importance of having measures in place to enable your family to access and manage your finances in the unfortunate case that you are unable to do so yourself. It's not an easy conversation to have but it really does pay to plan ahead and set up Lasting…

Planning for your future - Using a professional


Dying Matters Awareness Week (10-16 May) seeks to encourage people to talk more openly about death, dying and bereavement. Part of that conversation is about planning ahead for the future, which can make the end of life experience a little easier for yourself and your loved ones. To ensure your…

No Lasting Power of Attorney in place - Applying to the Court of Protection


Yesterday's blog as for Dying Matters Awareness Week (10-16 May) was about Lasting Powers of Attorney. Dying Matters Awareness Week encourages people to talk about death, dying, bereavement and to plan for the future. Sometimes, unfortunately, advance planning is not done. If a person loses…

The Two Types of Lasting Power of Attorney


As part of Dying Matters Awareness week (10-16 May) we are encouraging people to talk about dying and the importance of planning for later life. Unfortunately, situations can arise whereby people become unable to manage their own affairs, whether that be due to mental or physical incapacity.…

The Various 'Myths' Around Making a Will


This week (10-16 May) is Dying Matters Awareness Week and Forbes are discussing issues surrounding death, dying and planning for your future. One important step to prepare for dying, death and bereavement is making a Will . Many people put off making a Will because they do not like to talk about…

Dying Matters Awareness Week 2021


This week (10-16 May) is Dying Matters Awareness Week, organised by the Dying Matters Coalition to encourage people to talk openly about dying, death and bereavement. The pandemic has seen a surge in deaths, with more than 1,000 extra people dying at home each week. Most of us feel uncomfortable talking…

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The effects of marriage and divorce on Wills


There is often some confusion about what happens to an existing Will in the event of a marriage/civil partnership or a divorce. Some people have made a Will before getting married, or whilst they are married and do not consider the effect that their subsequent marriage or divorce will have on the Will…

The importance of having a correctly drafted Will


The recent case of Davey v Bailey highlights how important it is to have a properly drawn up Will. Mr and Mrs Bailey were a married couple with no children. They had made Wills leaving everything to each other but had failed to set out what they wanted to happen after they had both died.…

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National Apprenticeship Week


National Apprenticeship Week began on 8 February. This year's theme is 'Build The Future.' With 20 years of experience in progressing employees through apprenticeships, Forbes Solicitors has helped build futures and this year has been no different and has been as successful, despite the…

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