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How commercial tenants can utilise break clauses to their advantage


The implications of Brexit and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic have meant that most businesses are carefully considering all costs and risks to their business, including costs and risks associated with properties that they own or occupy. Tenants may wish to carefully consider their existing obligations…

AI in manufacturing and engineering and intellectual property considerations


At its' core, artificial intelligence (AI) is a form of computer science which involves the development of programmes to enable tasks to be completed which would otherwise require human intelligence. AI algorithms can be used for tasks including problem solving, logical reasoning and understanding…

Insurers urged to pay Covid-19 BI claims following Supreme Court ruling


Businesses in the manufacturing sector, like many others, have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic with the profound operational challenges that it has presented. The scale of the pandemic's impact, including factory closures and unprecedented disruption to supply chains, has knocked companies…

National Apprenticeship Week


National Apprenticeship Week began on 8 February. This year's theme is 'Build The Future.' With 20 years of experience in progressing employees through apprenticeships, Forbes Solicitors has helped build futures and this year has been no different and has been as successful, despite the…

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We have a deal - but what next?


Amid a busy festive period with the imposition of stricter lockdown measures and the approval of the latest Covid-19 vaccine was the news that a Brexit deal had been agreed. The deal, which was agreed on Christmas Eve, marked some form of conclusion to the Brexit process which has been ongoing since the…

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