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How to legally change your name by deed poll


If you wish to change your name for any reason you can do so using a deed poll document. A deed poll is a legal and official document to confirm you have changed your name. Using a deed pool Is the most common way to change your name. A deed pool is a document that contains declarations that you…

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Surrogacy and the Law: A time for Reform?


Surrogacy is the process by which a child is carried through pregnancy by a woman who has entered into an agreement (before she started to carry the child) with the intention that, at birth, the child and parental responsibility for it will be transferred to the intended parents and that those persons…

Divorce top tips - how to try and take out the stress


When a couple enters into marriage, they are full of hope for the future. On occasions, marriages run out of life, but in most circumstances, the divorce is a shock and an upsetting process for one spouse or the other. Something that was intended to be forever is suddenly brought to an end and it…

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Legal and Religious Divorce


The media have recently reported that a Manchester man has been convicted in an English Court for controlling behaviour, and may face a custodial sentence, for denying his wife a Get (Jewish religious divorce). Whilst the refusal of the husband to obtain the Get was one of several factors that…

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What to expect at a Financial Dispute Resolution


If, after separation from your spouse or civil partner, you have not been able to reach an agreement as to how to separate the assets with the assistance of mediation or solicitors, the next step is to apply to court for financial remedy. Once a party has issued an application, the court will issue…

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