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Preventable Suicides - The Priory Group Failings


The Priory Group is the country's biggest independent provider of psychiatric services and obtains thousands of referrals from the NHS every year. Over the years the Priory Group has been continuously criticised by coroners and inquest juries for failing to keep patients safe. Following an…

Prevention of Suicide


Suicide is a national crisis in the United Kingdom, with over 5000 suicides in England alone in 2021. The impact of every single one of them undoubtably devasting. This has been demonstrated by the suicide prevention charity CALM's Southbank exhibition in June 2022. 'The Last Photo'. The…

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GDPR Low Value Claims Update. Meeting the threshold of Seriousness?


Although it still remains unclear as to what the tariff for compensation should be, where the de minimis threshold for a data breach claim is satisfied, it is clear to see that the High Court are taking a firm stance on imposing restrictions on low value cases, making them disproportionate to bring,…

One in 10 nurse posts in England are going unfilled


Royal College of Nursing (RCN) general secretary Pat Cullen said patients were going without the care they needed because of a shortage of nurses. Ms Cullen will set out her concerns in detail during her speech to the RCN's annual conference. It comes after the union gathered feedback from…

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The Motor Vehicles (Compulsory Insurance) Bill


On 21 February 2021, the UK government announced that it intended to remove the effects of the decision made in the case of Damijan Vnuk v Zavarovalnica Trigalev (C-162/13), ("Vnuk") from UK law. The Vnuk case involved Mr Vnuk who was a farmworker, was knocked off a ladder in a farmyard by a…

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Cogent Potency


Cogent potency is often used by the courts when considering claims brought by pedestrians against drivers of vehicles. Basically, it means the bigger you are, the hard you hit and the more damage you may cause. The new Highway code reflects this and puts the hierarchy of road users as follows: &…

No Legal Aid for Bereaved Families


A few weeks ago, the Government announced that means testing would be removed for legal aid to fund inquests in exceptional cases. It was hoped availability of public funding would be expanded to other inquest cases. Labour proposed some amendments to the Judicial Review and Courts Bill which…

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Cyclists pedal to middle of the road under new Highway Code


On Saturday the 22nd January 2022, the Government and Department for Transport introduced a new hierarchy for road users as part of the Highway code. Top of the list are pedestrians, followed by cyclists, horse riders, motorcycles, cars, taxis and lastly HGV's. Effectively each will have priority…

Fooling around at work


The Court of Appeal has just handed down a judgement in the case of Chell v Tarmac . Mr Chell was contracted to work at Tarmac as a fitter. Tensions arose between Mr Chell and fitters employed by Tarmac. One of the fitters decided to play a trick on him, by putting two explosive pellets on a bench…

Infections during Pregnancy


If an infection occurs during pregnancy and it is not managed properly it can have a serious impact on the baby. It is a risk factor for the development of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) in a newborn. This can attract pregnancy injury compensation claims where it has not been appropriately managed.…

Court of Appeal look at secondary victims


This week the Court of Appeal considered the issue of whether relatives in three separate cases, could claim damages after they witnessed the shocking death of a close relative when the NHS failed to diagnose their loved ones life-threatening condition. Paul v Royal Wolverhampton NHS Foundation Trust…

Cyclist and Pedestrians will get priority on the road over motorists


Lancashire Live reported in December that T he Highway code is about to change and motorists are urged to educate themselves. In relation to vulnerable road users. These are usually considered to be pedestrians, cyclist, horse riders, and users of mobility scooters. The main focus being on…

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