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Housing & Regeneration


The Renters Reform Bill


The Renters Reform Bill is shortly due to receive royal assent, the Bill aims to 'level up' the private rented sector, ensuring that the percentage of none-decent homes is greatly reduced, tenants are protected against the rising cost of living and the balance of power between landlords and…

An Update on the Fire Safety of High-Rise Buildings


In March 2020, following the Grenfell tragedy in June 2017, the Fire Safety Bill was introduced into Parliament. The Fire Safety Act 2021 set out to demolish any previous loopholes from the previous Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order Act 2005 (FSO). It provides significant development on the issue…

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Update: Tenant Access to Information Scheme


Back in November 2020, the government published the Social Housing White Paper which set out proposals to drive up standards and improve the regulation of the social housing sector in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire. One of the proposals related to introducing a new access to information scheme…

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Forbes' Employment Team - Tribunal work for Registered Providers


Aside from the provision of routine advice to our clients, the Employment team at Forbes has significant experience in working with housing associations on specific projects, including running grievance and disciplinary investigations, and advising on each stage throughout restructures. We also support…

ICO Enforcement over Subject Access Request Backlog


The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has recently received an Enforcement Notice from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) following a substantial backlog of subject access requests described by the ICO as being of "significant concern". The ICO has found that the MoJ failed to adequately…

A boost to supported housing needs


In December the Government published their Social Care White Paper which sets out the Government's plans to address adult social care issues over the next 10 years. A key component is to plunge "at least" £300m into supported housing between 2022 and 2026, at a time when "we do…

Implied term that a disciplinary process will be conducted fairly?


Burn v Alder Hey Children's NHS Hospital saw a claim brought by an employee seeking an injunction preventing her employer moving forward with the disciplinary process she was subject to, until an issue of disclosure was dealt with. The claimant considered that a contractual right to see correspondence…

Fourth time lucky? Gove's plan to fix the Cladding Crisis


In January Michael Gove gave a fully funded plan of action to allegedly 'fix' the cladding crisis. Gove warned the residential property developer industry that he will take all steps necessary to make it happen, including imposing legal solutions, to make developers pay. The Government also…

ASB injunction with a positive requirement


Rebecca Webster of Forbes Solicitors' ASB Team has been successful in obtaining an interim anti-social behaviour injunction with a positive requirement relating to access into the property of a tenant of a large social landlord in the Midlands. Anti-social behaviour included an unprovoked violent…

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