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Business Dispute Resolution


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What is Adjudication? Adjudication is best described as either a contractual or statutory procedure for a swift and interim dispute resolution. It is provided by a third-party adjudicator who is independent to the dispute and generally agreed by the parties in dispute. It is a form of alternative…

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Limitation in Commercial Disputes


Almost all commercial claims are subject to limitation. That is, in essence, the period of time by which court proceedings have to be issued following the accrual of the cause of action. If proceedings are not commenced by this deadline, then the case is at risk of being time-barred. Limitation…

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Government update on Commercial Tenant Rent Arrears


Recap of our June update In June 2021 we discussed that despite the Government being sympathetic towards commercial tenants during the pandemic, landlords were still able to reclaim rent arrears through the courts. The overarching advice from the Government in its Code of Practice was that…

Director's Duties & liability


Directors, shareholders and, indeed, the company itself are all separate legal personalities and entities, each of which assume separate legal rights and obligations. Directors are duty bound to promote their company's success and must not act in a way to diverge from this in favour of actions that…

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