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Environment Bill


On 9 November 2021, the Environmental Bill 2021-22 received Royal Assent, which became the Environment Act 2021. The bill passed three years after its first proposal to deliver and administer environmental considerations in the wake of Brexit. The aim of the bill is to create a stricter legal framework…

Environmental Litigation - A Sea Change?


It is nigh on impossible to visit the website of any reasonable-sized construction company nowadays without seeing words like "sustainability", "ESG", and "social footprint". Historically used as mere buzz words to drive online traffic, environmental issues are increasingly…

Going after developers for the cladding crisis - is this enough?


Michael Gove has written a letter to the residential property developer industry requiring developers to agree a plan of action by early March including remediating unsafe cladding on 11-18 metre buildings, currently estimated to be £4 billion. Developers are warned that they must pay to fix the…

Construction disputes on the rise post-pandemic


As more and more disputes arise it is important to consider alternatives to the traditional method of dispute resolution, not only for economical reasons but also for quicker swifter solutions which in some instances are far beyond the scope of what the Court may be able to order. Why are we facing…

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