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Commercial Property - The Road to Net Zero?


In our previous edition we wrote about "green" leases and how the parties to a lease may seek to agree terms in a lease or side agreement that focus on improving the environmental position of a building. The parties (particularly a landlord) may simply be motivated by a desire to meet…

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Considerations for growing your manufacturing business


When growing a business there are a number of routes to consider. Whether it be organic growth over time or expanding quickly through mergers and acquisitions ( M&A ), it is important you carefully consider the options and ensure you have taken the necessary specialist advice. Organic growth…

Smart Contracts shall we embrace them or hold off for now?


Smart contracts are said to be the next revolution of contracts. Although a smart contract sounds like a legal instrument, a smart contract is actually a computer program that performs a task when triggered by the occurrence of a predetermined event. Smart contracts live on blockchain, which processes…

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