Conveyancing Searches

The Conveyancing team at Forbes Solicitors are frequently asked “why do I need to pay conveyancing fees for different types of property searches when I’m buying a house?”

If you are buying a house and getting a mortgage, your mortgage lender will require certain types of property searches to be carried out, and that the results are checked by a conveyancing solicitor before they will lend you the money.

If you are a cash buyer, you can decide which searches you would like carrying out on the property.

Our conveyancing solicitors can discuss with you what the searches are for, what information they will reveal to you and which property searches are appropriate for either your house or your circumstances.

We can also advise you on the timescales for the searches to be carried out. At Forbes Solicitors we submit the majority of conveyancing searches online and some of the results are available within 24 hours.

We normally carry out the following conveyancing searches:

1. An official Local Authority Search

This is a standard set of questions submitted direct to the Local Authority where the property is situated. This search will provide information the Local Authority has about the house you are buying, for example, planning applications, building control history and any enforcement actions.

We can also ask optional questions, for example, is the property affected by pipelines or public footpaths?

2. Drainage Search

A search is submitted to the local water company to check whether the house you are buying is connected to mains drains and water. This search will provide additional information about the location of the main pipes and if there are problems with the water pressure.

3. Environmental Search

This search provides information about the past and present land use where the house is situated and the surrounding area. It would reveal, for example if the house you want to buy is close to a former landfill site.

4. Location specific searches:

  • Coal Mining and Cheshire brine search
  • Tin Mining Search
  • Limestone Mining Search
  • Planning search

There are other searches available, for example if you are concerned the house may be near the new high speed rail link or is at risk from flooding.

If you are buying a house please contact our Conveyancing Solicitors for advice and assistance. Our conveyancing fees are competitive and we also offer fixed fee conveyancing services.

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