Property Title Theft

The Law Society is warning home owners not to waste their money on fraud protection policies on their homes which are being aggressively marketed by some insurance companies.

The policies claim to protect home owners from property fraud.Your property may be susceptible to property fraud when:

  • there is a relationship breakdown
  • the property is empty or let
  • where the owner is abroad
  • where the owner is infirm or in a home

How the Conveyancing Solicitors at Forbes can help you:

  1. If your property is not registered with the Land Registry, contact our Solicitors and we can talk to you about a voluntary first registration of your deeds with the Land Registry; and how this will help protect your home against fraud.
  2. If the deeds to your property are already registered with the Land Registry, contact us and we can talk to you about putting a restriction on the register and how to keep your contact details up to date with the Land Registry.

For more information please call Forbes Solicitors on freephone 0800 037 4628 or contact us by email today.

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