Saving Ryan’s Privates

This week there were further revelations in the media that Rhodri Giggs and his wife Natasha are to separate, following his discovery of her 8 year long affair with his brother Ryan.

It is also alleged that Ryan’s flirting with Natasha’s 49 year old Mother caused family friction.

There may be further announcements of a marital split in the Giggs family if Stacey Cooke decides to separate from Ryan following these allegations, and following the much publicised ‘twitter’ allegations relating to the premiership footballer’s affair with Imogen Thomas.

One does wonder if Ryan Giggs entered into a prenuptial agreement before he and Stacey Cooke got married and if not, how much he is now regretting this?  Whilst prenuptial agreements are still not yet law in the UK, they are a persuasive document and a factor for the Court to consider.  On considering what would be a fair and reasonable settlement in any divorce case, the Court has to have regard for ALL the circumstances in the case, the prenuptial agreement being one of them.

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