Companies House Launches New Reminder Service To Help Companies File On Time

Last week Companies House launched its new eReminder Service which will allow companies to subscribe to receive email reminders that certain documents are due to be filed.

The filing of annual returns and annual accounts for companies is mandatory.  If they are not filed on time, late filing penalties may be imposed.  Currently Companies House sends paper reminders to a company’s registered office to notify it when annual returns and accounts are due to be filed. Often the company’s registered office is not the place where the directors or other key personnel are based.

The eReminder Service will mean that companies who subscribe to the service will be emailed free reminders that the company’s annual accounts or annual returns are due to be filed.  Providing it is registered for WebFiling (which many companies are these days), any company can subscribe to the service and can provide up to four email addresses that will receive the reminder. 

Being able to provide a number of email addresses means that a company can have a variety of people notified of the relevant dates. Useful parties to include on the circulation list might be the directors, the company secretary or the company’s accountant.

The reminder email will include a link to allow for the relevant information to be filed immediately through the Webfiling service and so the service should also save some administration time!

It is important to note that if your company signs up for this service, paper reminders will stop and all future reminders sent by email only.  It is therefore important that any changes to your email addresses should be notified to Companies House.

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