Family Justice Review Proposals to End Delays in Family Courts

On the 3rd November the Family Justice Review panel announced a package of recommendations to reduce delays in the family justice system.

The key recommendations include:

1. A new six month time limit in care cases so delays are significantly reduced.

Care cases involve both the Local Authority issuing the application and Cafcass. The latter have been in the media recently due to the delays and difficulties that they have encountered. The current timescale for a care case is 40 weeks. This is often longer due to developments occurring as the case progresses and also due to evidence not being available on time.

2. Enabling people to make their own arrangements for their children when they separate, and only use courts when necessary.

Unfortunately I envisage difficulties with this; people who have endured domestic abuse are unable to make their own arrangements for their children
upon separation. Also there are only a minority of separations that are amicable due to separations often being acrimonious and parties becoming hostile with each other.

3. Overhauling the family justice system so that agencies and professionals work together with greater coherence to improve the experience and outcomes for children and families.

In my opinion this could only be effective if there are no delays. In addition professionals would have/need? to ensure that they could provide information to parties who have no public funding and are acting without a Solicitor.

I welcome the proposal for there to be specialist judges in Family Law with proposed continuity, clients are often concerned that when judges change this it has an impact on their case.

In addition, I believe that it is sensible, give the rise in litigants in person for there to be a  simplified court structure making it easier for people using the courts to know where to go.

It is extremely worrying that out of the 500,000 cases that are considered by the courts in England and Wales each year, 20,000 children are still waiting for a decision to be made about their future.

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