Recent Case Highlights Need for Regulation of Hairdressers

 The Government rejected plans this week to introduce a regulatory body for hairdressers, but the number of claims against salons for negligently applied products continues to rise.

Dyes, highlights, glues; all are basically chemical substances used by hairdressers on a daily basis.  But how much training do they get on and do they understand what chemicals the product is made up of and the effects that they can have?

Many, arguably, do understand and are fully aware of the safety precautions which should be used, such as skin patch testing to check for sensitivity or allergies.  But there are a significant minority who will happily plough on without a thought as to the potential consequences.

In Smith v Hair Associates the Claimant suffered personal injuries in the form of chemical burns to the scalp after highlights were applied to her hair using foils. The stylist failed to use a patch-test and initially refused to remove the foils when the Claimant complained of a burning sensation.  After leaving the salon the burn worsened and became infected to the point where a skin graft was required from the buttock to treat the burn.  The Claimant also suffered from a psychological reaction in the form of loss of confidence and self esteem as she was left with a bald patch measuring 5cm x 8cm.  Although the case was issued at Court it was later resolved in the Claimant’s favour by agreement.

This case highlights the potential dangers involved in what appear to be fairly simple and routine procedures.  Unlike with other service industries, which have regulatory bodies to ensure standards are maintained, hairdressers have no such body to oversee their work and it seems, certainly for the time being, that that will continue for the foreseeable future.  It is always worth checking your stylist’s credentials before going ahead with the procedure and a properly run salon should be happy to show off their achievements if they have undertaken extensive training.

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