Registered Provider Regulation: Homes and Communities Agency Takes Over From Tenant Services Authority

So farewell then, Tenant Services Authority. Your time with us was brief and the assumption of your regulatory role by the HCA from yesterday (1 April) seems to have recreated the Housing Corporation as was. Meanwhile, out in the world of Registered Provision life goes on and the sector needs to get to grips with the new regulator’s way of working.

The HCA has published its Regulatory Framework after a process that bore a strong resemblance to the run-up to the TSA’s document of 2010. The consultation is done, the Framework is published, rules for submission of accounts will be published at some time and new consent application forms are already on the HCA’s website to be used instead of the old TSA-branded versions.  Some applications on old TSA forms must be resubmitted on the new forms and others can be left in place. We recommend taking advice before making any consent applications to the HCA to make sure that they are done in the correct form to avoid technical rejections and delays.

How the HCA will deal with its dual roles of funder and regulator remains to be seen and there will be a bedding-in period as with any change of this type.  No prizes however for spotting any old Housing Corporation web-pages surviving a second change of regulator and still representing the current position.

The Housing Team at Forbes can assist with governance issues in the Regulated Provider sector and also for those private providers whose regulation has moved from the DCLG to the HCA at the same time. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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