Cohabiting During Divorce; A Divorce Solicitor’s View

I read an article this morning which outlines a very sad situation that is becoming increasingly common. The story is about a London based couple who after 20 years of marriage, decided to split up 2 years ago. They were childhood sweethearts that grew apart. They have 2 sons who are 19 and 9 years of age.

For most couples, separation will lead to divorce and no longer living together.

This couple are in the process of dealing with divorce solicitors but unfortunately once divorced, they will still find themselves living under the same roof. This is increasingly a nationwide problem and I have many clients that face this problem.

Whilst divorce rates are increasing the current financial climate remains unstable which quite often means, couples are not in a financial position to separate. Quite often couples have one asset, which is the family home.

Historically, mortgage providers have been in a position to allow one or the other couple to take over the mortgage or the financial climate has been far healthier allowing sales to go through relatively quickly, thereby releasing equity.

Unfortunately, due to the credit crunch and the on-going difficulties with Banks, property prices reducing and couples find that selling their family home to release equity is a difficult task or that they are tied to a mortgage with their ex-husband/wife until a date in the future that cannot yet be pinpointed.

In this difficult situation, some couples find that the only way they can manage financially is to continue living under the same roof.

This is the harsh reality of separating in 2012 and as we approach 1st January which is nicknamed “D day” being the day when many couples will decide they want to divorce, the situation is unlikely to change and the difficulties will continue for those separating in 2013.

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Rubina Vohra

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Rubina Vohra is a solicitor within the Family department at Forbes Solicitors. Rubina’s blogs cover her specialisms of all aspects of marriage breakups and separation with a heavier slant towards divorce, children and finances. Rubina also writes about changes in the law and report on topical/current high profile cases.
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