The Legal Definition Of Adultery?

The Government has confirmed that it is considering changing the Law so that there can be same sex marriage.

At the moment, only a man and woman can marry.  Same sex couples are only able to enter into a Civil Partnership. 

The aim of this new legislation is to end the sex discrimination in marriage. Whilst wanting to remain optimistic and hope that when entering marriage, do not envisage the marriage coming to an end or that their husband or wife commits adultery, it does beg the question what is the legal definition of adultery?

The current definition is described as sex between a man and a woman.  The current Government plans for the change in legislation which would mean that a gay couple could not dissolve their marriage on the grounds of adultery if one partner had an affair with someone of the same sex.  

Whilst the Government is trying to be indiscrimination, it leads to an anomaly which means that gay couples cannot rely upon one of the five facts that can be relied upon by a heterosexual couple.  This is likely to be yet another battle for same sex couples in their bid to be treated equally.

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Rubina Vohra

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