Coronation St Domestic Abuse – A Family Solicitor’s View

As an avid viewer of Coronation Street, it is always interesting to watch how family issues are played out.  More recently, for those who watch, Tyrone, has been suffering at the hands of domestic abuse perpetrated by his fiancée Kirsty. 

In the majority, victims are usually women however there are a large number of men who are the victim as in Tyrone’s situation. 

Following various outbursts that happened with Kirsty when their daughter, Ruby, was born, Kirsty went ahead and did not put Tyrone’s name on Ruby’s birth certificate.  She did this knowing the implications of parental responsibility.  In December 2003, the legislation changed so that none married fathers would automatically get parental responsibility for children if their name was placed on the birth certificate.  As Tyrone’s name is not on there, he wasn’t sure how to properly protect Ruby. 

Fizz decided to take legal advice and having taken legal advice, Tyrone and Fizz decided that the best option would be for Tyrone and Kirsty to get married.  Marriage would automatically then provide Tyrone with parental responsibility on behalf of Ruby.  I question here the legal advice that was taken by Fizz.  In these situations, it would have been appropriate for Tyrone to out a Non Molestation Order which would prevent Kirsty from using violence against him.  He could simultaneously take out an urgent Children Act application for a Prohibited Steps Order and also a Residence Order.  If it was successful, it would prevent Kirsty from coming into contact with Ruby, thereby protecting her.  An application could also have been made for a parental responsibility which, given the involvement has, his application would have been successful. 

For those watching and are affected by a similar situation, don’t take the advice of ITV contact our solicitors

Rubina Vohra

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