Is Longer Stronger? (The Longer The Marriage The Stronger The Couple?)

The common assumption is that Divorce rates nowadays are a lot higher than it was in our parents’ time. The reality, according to The Marriage Foundation Report ‘What is the Divorce rate?’ is that the number of marriages that last 10 years or more – and then subsequently breakdown – is exactly the same. 

1 in 5 newlyweds get divorced after 10 years of marriage with the likelihood of a Divorce shrinking with each new decade.  A very small percentage of marriages end in Divorce after 30 years with Divorce rates after 40 years of marriage even rarer.  Less than 0.5% of couples Divorce after being married 40 years or more.  It seems therefore that the longer the marriage the stronger the marriage!

The Report further went on to reveal that half of all Divorces currently take place within the first decade of a marriage.  Even that statistic is encouraging when the report to goes on to reveal that that figure is less than the peak of Divorce rates which occurred in 1993.

Whilst it would be nice to think that this is a result of marriages lasting longer, in reality it might well be that there are fewer couples getting married.  The fewer the marriages, the fewer the Divorces. 

Here at Forbes we have introduced a FIXED FEE DIVORCE service for separating couples whether married or not to assist in resolving issues such as the Divorce itself, finances or children.  On our website we provide a list of the FIXED PRICES so that parties can in advance, determine whether they are going to be able to afford a Solicitor’s Services particularly given the massive changes coming after 1st April 2013 to Legal Aid.  As fewer people are going to be eligible for Public Funding, the Ministry of Justice has anticipated that more and more people will be commencing their own Divorce Proceedings and Children Act Applications, but some people will still need assistance from time to time, during what can be a very difficult and emotional period.

Forbes have been operating the FIXED FEE SERVICE now for the past 6 months and have found that clients prefer it as they know precisely what it is going to cost and what they are signing up to well in advance.  This assists in budgeting appropriately, which eases an already stressful and upsetting situation. 

For more information about FIXED FEE DIVORCE service please see the fixed fee family services pages on our website or contact us on 01772 220022.

Judith Wright

About Judith Wright

Judith is an Associate within the Family Law department at Forbes Solicitors. Judith writes and advises on all areas of family law, including separation and divorce, dissolution of civil partnerships, financial settlements, prenuptial agreements, injunctions, Occupation Orders, matrimonial transfers of property, cohabitation disputes and issues regarding the arrangements for children.
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