Whiplash Claims at Lowest Level for 4 Years

A Freedom of Information Request by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has revealed that whiplash claims in Britain fell again last year by nearly 60,000, bringing them to the same level as in 2008/2009.

This downward trend has long been ignored by the Insurance Industry which continues to claim that whiplash claims are increasing exponentially.  Despite the proof to the contrary, the Association of British Insurers continues to lobby the Government for change on the basis that car insurance premiums have increased as a result of the increase in car accident claims.  The result? Mindless press articles claiming that Britain is subject to a claims “epidemic”.  According to a report published last month, 29% of our car insurance premiums goes towards paying for repair costs and replacement vehicles, the cost of which is often inflated by insurers themselves who use their own designated repair and car hire agents.  Action against this practice has finally been taken, with the UK private insurance market having been referred to the Competition Commission for investigation.

Inflated repair and hire costs?  Shady practices? Payment of millions in referral fees?  Direct “donations” by insurers to Minister’s “office costs”? And yet it is people injured in accidents, and their Solicitors trying to get them the compensation that they deserve, which the Government has decided to target.  The law change in April has forced injured parties to pay for representation or face dealing with a complicated legal process themselves with no idea as to how to do so or how much they should be getting.  Fixed legal fees have been reduced by over 60%, forcing personal injury Solicitors out of business.

All of this and then spokesmen for the insurance industry have said that consumers should not expect to see reductions in their car insurance premiums of anything more than 3%.  Congratulations public of Great Britain, you have been well and truly had by the very Government that you elected and entrusted to represent your interests.

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