Snatched By Dad

A recent case has highlighted the issue of international child abduction.

The Mother, Priscilla Micalleff, aged 30 from Birmingham was recently interviewed stating that her ex-partner, Jamal Dgham (35) took their 4 year old daughter, Aisha and 21 month old son, Zakaira, abroad after telling her that they were going out to the park.

Initially, the couple had lived in Malta but had decided to come to the UK as there were “better Mosques and Schools”.  As practicing Muslims, they wished the best for their children, like any parent would.

Unfortunately, approximately 7 weeks ago, and without warning, Mr Dgham took the children unlawfully from their home to his home country of Libya.  He had said to Miss Micalleff that England was “too western”.

Mr Dgham and the children are said to be currently living with the children’s paternal Grandmother in the area of Tripoli.

Micalleff then received a message from Mr Dgham telling her that she would not see her children again.  The text message read “from tomorrow u r not gona or c the kids anymore and u wont know where they r” [sic].

Ms Micalleff has spoken to the children and has heard them crying saying that they were scared.

The Family Solicitors for Micalleff have successfully obtained a High Court Order which has been served by Mr Dgham by email requesting that the children are returned back to the UK.  Unfortunately, he has indicated that he will not adhere to the Order so the Solicitors are having to obtain a Mirror Order in Libya.

This highlights the very serious cases of abduction that take place and the latest figures from the Foreign Common Wealth show the number of children abducted by parents has almost doubled in the last 10 years.

Although this case highlights international abduction, this case can also happen with a domestic abduction where the children is taken away from the resident parent without agreement and can be moved to a different town or home.

We are able to help in these cases and Legal Aid can also available in certain circumstances.

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