Parents Who Argue Risk Harming Their Children

There has been some new research that parents who fail to resolve their disagreements are possibly putting their children’s mental and physical health at risk.  Children who are exposed to such family arguments can often suffer with headaches, stomach pains and also reduced growth.  There has recently been a study by a charity called OnePlusOne.  The charity looked at different types of conflict such as destructive and also constructive conflict to see how this had an effect in the family home.  Destructive conflicts are sulking, walking away, slamming doors and making children the focus of an argument.  The study found being exposed to this type of argument put children at a greater risk of suffering with emotional behavioural difficulties.    As you would imagine, children do react better when they can see parents relate to each other and are able to resolve any argument by putting the conflict aside.  Parental arguments are a normal, necessary part of life and it would be impossible to avoid conflicts in their entirety.

If children are exposed to arguing parents over a long period of time then it could potentially affect their physical health.  The evidence of the research has shown that children can suffer with headaches, abdominal pains and in worse cases even reduced growth.  This sort of effect can be brought on due to the insecurity a child feels when they see their parents warring with each other.  It is important for children to know that in difficult situations conflict can be overcome and it is important for children to know not to assume the conflicts are unresolvable and  they walk away.

This can have an impact when families remain together but also when families separate, such as after divorce and parents continue to deal with contact matters in a negative, conflicting manner.  It’s important to protect children from adult conflict.

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