Forced Marriage Awareness Week

The Forced Marriage Unit are raising awareness this week with victims and professionals.

Many will be aware that during the school summer holidays young people are often taken out of the jurisdiction and forced to marry against their will. It is sadly a peak time for young people from the UK to be taken overseas as there are no questions asked from school or training establishments.

Victims are isolated once they have been removed from the jurisdiction and as such the Forced Marriage Unit are raising awareness so that people know what to do protect themselves before they travel.

Forced Marriage became a criminal offence last month, this is a huge step forward in that the victim may feel protected.  It may however lead to victims not reporting forced marriage in the knowledge that a family member or friend could be criminalised.

The message is very clear, prevention is far better, therefore if protection is needed there are orders which can provide the same.  It is only in the event of a breach of the order that further action would result in criminal proceedings.

To speak to one of our Family Solicitors about forced marriage please call 0800 037 4628 or make an enquiry online here.

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