Dementia Patients Face Unfair Care Charges

It has been reported by the BBC that dementia patients face unfair treatment in regards to the lack of paid-for care

The Alzheimer’s Society has recently found that the average yearly care cost is £32,242, however on average, only a third of this comes from the NHS or local council. This means that most of those living with dementia are forced to incur substantial care costs or rely on their families to break the bank to pay for such care.

Alzheimer’s Society chief executive Jeremy Hughes has said ‘If you have cancer or heart disease you can rightly expect that the care you need will be free. That is just not the case for people with dementia’

Although it has been found that over the last seven years there had been no change in the proportion of older people getting the disease, it has been predicted that the numbers will rise in the future due to the ever increasing ageing population. A more alarming statistic however, is that there has been a rise in younger adults with disease.

These findings highlight how important it is for people of all ages to plan for their future in regards to both potential care costs, but also in regards to the management of their affairs. It is a stressful and upsetting time when someone is diagnosed with dementia and it is therefore essential that everyone looks ahead and plans accordingly. This can be done by putting into place a Lasting Power of Attorney, perhaps setting up a family trust and making a Will.

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