Grandmother Tragically Killed Due To Prescription Error

Prescription errors can cause devastating effects and harbour deadly consequences as shown in a recent case where a Grandmother of five has died after being given the wrong tablets by her pharmacist.

Dawn Britton, 62 of Bristol was given the wrong medication by a pharmacist that eventually caused her death. The 62 year old grandmother was given gliclazide tablets designed for diabetics to lower blood sugar levels, despite the fact she was not diabetic.

Dawn had called in to her local chemist to pick up steroid medication for the treatment of her Crohn’s disease when she was handed the wrong medication that would eventually lead to her death.

Unfortunately the pills she was given at Jhoots Pharmacy in Bristol were of a similar size and colour to the ones prescribed for her Crohn’s disease and she failed to notice the difference.

After taking the pills for several weeks, the 62 year old collapsed and fell into a coma from which she would never regain consciousness. She died a month later in hospital.

The coroner released information to the family stating that she had died due to a lack of oxygen as a result of the tablets lowering her blood sugar levels.

Dawn’s children are currently pursuing legal action.

This tragic case highlights how serious prescription errors can be and the dangers people can be exposed to if they fall victim to clinical negligence.

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