Home and Communities Agency Publishes New Regulatory Framework Documents for Social Housing Providers

The consultation is over and the decision is here: the HCA has published the result of its overhaul of the Regulatory Framework documents and Registered Providers will be subject to the new rules from 1 April this year.

The changes are consistent with messages that the HCA has been pushing for some time, including at the Forbes “Diversify or Die?” event last year at which the requirement for RP boards to assess, understand and see the potential consequences of risks for social housing stock and tenants was a strong theme. The Sector Risk Profile from 2014 and the official post-mortem on Cosmopolitan said much the same and it is no surprise to see the revised Governance and Viability Standard taking that further with a supporting Code of Practice.

The General Consent is changing too and those used to working within the older version will need to make sure that they adjust to the new one in time. The 2012 Rent Standard and Guidance are varied as well with consequences for tenancy management.

Now the wording is set we will work with our housing sector clients to increase awareness of the changes and plan for best practice compliance with the new tougher regime and address in more detail on how the new Regulatory Framework will work in practice.

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