Thick-skinned entrepreneurs take plunge

So why on earth would any serious business person be willing to go out of their comfort zone to want to deliver a pitch submerged in a frozen lake?

A company from Finland that has developed a smartphone app to aid the deaf and hard of hearing, is taking part in a challenge to submerge themselves into icy waters.  They will deliver their pitch to potential investors whilst plunging into a frozen lake, in the hope to sell their ideas.  Depending on how much time they can spend in the freezing cold water will depend on whether they gain funding for their ideas.

This year Guardian’s Small Business Network are going along to experience the 20 thick-skinned entrepreneurs from around the world deliver their sales pitch in the hope they are successful.

As always preparation is the key, it takes a lot of effort to stop your teeth from chattering and your voice is trembling.  It shows investors that you are determined to overcome challenges and step out of your comfort zones.  These are important qualities to show potential investors when starting out in business.

The event’s project manager, Mia Kemppaala, says that whilst there is an element of silliness about it, there are also serious investments opportunities to be had.   It is also a good opportunity to share ideas and network with other likeminded business owners.

Over here in the UK thankfully it’s not such a rigorous process to obtain investment however, businesses looking for investment still need to show to potential investors that they are determined to overcome challenges and step out of their comfort zones it’s just that they don’t need to deliver that pitch whilst submerged in a frozen lake.

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