Bigamy Laws Lead to Mans Imprisonment After Failure to Obtain Divorce From First Wife

The fate of a man who married for a second time without obtaining a divorce from his first wife shows the importance of taking bigamy laws very seriously.

It has been reported in several newspapers over the last week that a man has been given a 4 month prison sentence for bigamy.  His sentence also included having to pay £1,000 in compensation and a Restraining Order was put in place.

Adrian Linham had been married to his first wife Liz for 7 years when he “married” his second wife Hayley.  Mr Linham’s first wife found out about her husband’s deceit after receiving a letter from his mother saying that she was sorry that the couple had divorced.  She then found numerous pictures on Facebook showing her husband with the other woman and even showing that they had honeymooned at the same location as she had done with Mr Linham.

Mr Linham clearly broke the law by committing bigamy and he is now paying the price for his actions.

If you are already married and want to marry a new partner, please do not do what Mr Linham did.  Come and see one of our specialist family Solicitors and we can help you through the divorce process.  You can either use our contact form to make an enquiry or call us on 0800 037 4628.

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