A New Use For Facebook…Notifying Bankrupts Of Court Orders

Social media is playing an ever increasing role in peoples’ lives. But the role of social media has recently extended even further with a Judge in Tunbridge Wells allowing a bankrupt to be notified of a Court Order via Facebook.

The case involved a bankrupt Ferrari dealer who failed to co-operate with the Official Receiver and then the Trustee in Bankruptcy.

Whilst the bankrupt continually ignored communications from the Trustee, he was discovered to be continuing to trade and was particularly active on Facebook.

The Trustee applied for an Order that the bankrupt appear at Court to face questions as to his financial circumstances. The bankrupt agreed to appear but failed to attend, saying on the phone that he was returning to Romania.

The Judge made a further Order requiring the bankrupt to appear for questioning and, in a ground-breaking manner, allowed the bankrupt to be notified of this Order via Facebook.

It is unlikely that it was ever envisaged that the tool designed to facilitate social networking would be used as a method of service endorsed by the Courts. However, in the new era of social media – who knows what will be next!

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