Resolution Calls for Changes to Divorce Laws

The Family Group, Resolution are seeking for changes to be made to the current divorce laws, which it states are outdated, inadequate and unfair to many.

Currently, in order to obtain a divorce in England/Wales a person must show one of the five following facts:

(a)  The Respondent has committed adultery and the Petitioner finds it intolerable to live with them

(b)  The Respondent has behaved unreasonably and the Petitioner finds it intolerable to live with them

(c)  The Respondent has deserted the Petitioner for a continual period of at least 2 years

(d)  The parties have been separated for 2 years and they both consent to the divorce

(e)  The parties have been separated for 5 years

Resolution’s current Manifesto for Family Law recommends that people should be allowed to divorce (within 2 years of being separated) without having to apportion blame on the other party.  Resolution’s Chair, Jo Edwards says “divorce can be one of the most traumatic life events a family can go through and we all have a responsibility to ensure it’s dealt with in a way that minimises conflict and encourages amicable solutions where possible.”  Resolution do not believe that the current law in relation to divorce meets this aim.

Resolution’s Manifesto also seeks for the following to be achieved:

  1. To protect vulnerable people going through separation
  2. Introduce measures to keep divorce out of Court
  3. Introduce a Parenting Charter to help parents understand their responsibilities when they separate
  4. Help people understand how their divorce will affect their future finances
  5. Provide at least basic legal rights for couples who live together if they separate

If you are seeking some advice with regards to divorce matters come and see one of our specialist family Solicitors and we can help you through the process.  You can either use our contact form to make an enquiry or call us on 0800 037 4628.

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