Total Eclipse: Preparation?

Today, around 9.45am parts of the world including us in England will witness a solar eclipse, a rare phenomenon in which the sun is completely obscured by the moon. It will start around 8am and finish around 10.30am leaving parts of Europe in particular in darkness.

The UK has 5GW of installed solar capacity and if skies are clear on Friday morning, the European grid will suddenly lose all this power. However, as we know when such events can be planned for preparation is always the key in business. The grid, which has responsibility for balancing gas and electricity supply and demand, said the eclipse is expected to trigger a significant downturn in the need for power as people rush outside to watch the eclipse, followed by a big increase when they return back inside.

They have stated that this eclipse and the loss of solar is entirely manageable and will be offset by the suppression of demand. The Grid started to plan for this 9 months ago and therefore they have confirmed that they have a number of tools in place to manage the effects and balance the network.

Business plans and preparation are key to any successful business and people make such plans for a variety of reasons, including attracting funding, evaluating possible growth and building partnerships. For a business plan to be truly valuable however it needs to evolve with your business and stay relevant in the face of uncertainty, highlighted by this example where the uncertain effect of this eclipse has been planned for by the Grid for over 9 months. Enjoy witnessing (in safe circumstances of course!) this eclipse as the next one is not expected until around 2026.

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