Consumer Confidence Hits 9-year High

A recent survey suggests that consumers are at their most positive about the economy since 2006.

Whilst the UK Consumer Confidence Index currently stands at 97, suggesting cautious pessimism about the economy, consistent rises quarter-on-quarter indicate a growth in spending power across the consumer market.

The report by market research company Nielsen also shows that consumers’ outlook on job prospects is at a 7 ½ year high, whilst 45% of those questioned felt that now was a good time to spend – a rise of 3% and the highest since 2006.  This ties in with a further rise in confidence about personal finances (50%) and a fall in those who believe the UK is in recession (51%).

The report should come as welcome news to businesses who rely heavily on the consumer market.  The research shows a steady rise in confidence over recent quarters with an apparent growth in spending power.

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