High Court Rules Surveillance Law Unlawful

In today’s High Court judgment the recent Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act was ruled unlawful and will have to be changed. MPs had instigated the legal challenge alleging that the terms of DRIPA went too far in allowing access to personal information and could be used to support inappropriate surveillance targeting relationships usually regarded as properly confidential such as those between journalists and their sources and solicitors and their clients.

DRIPA was introduced with little parliamentary debate to respond to a European Court ruling that the EU legislation on data retention was itself invalid for allowing too much intrusion into privacy.

The High Court has ordered that DRIPA should be disapplied and the government will have to bring forward new legislation to replace it. For the High Court judgment click here.

A wide range of public sector bodies with interests in managing personal information and intelligence gathering as well as the legal profession will be watching with interest what this version says.

Third time lucky, perhaps? Check back on our blog for further information as this one develops.

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  1. Janette Winstone says:

    seeking a law firm that can represent a case for unlawful covert surveillance and harassment. In part of my own investigation over the past eleven years there has been only one glimmer of hope the Independent Police Complaints Commission back in 2009 gave an upheld decision in spite of this decision the police would not co-operate and up to this date continue there misconduct of continuing to keep me under a 24 hour clock surveillance. Over the years the surveillance turned into horror with a more psychological twist of playing mind games of terror which restricted all movements isolating and securing a home and employment. There has been an uphill struggle to get a hearing for my case that struggle comes in the form of deliberately suppressing the facts which have been examined but not adhered too inn the eyes of the law. I hope that you may be able to offer your expertise to the depths in which this case seems to be either ignored or brushed under the carpet in order not to reveal the truth.

    Yours faithfully

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