Taking The Rapp?

The Court of Appeal has agreed with a Judge that the lifestyle of a party to a divorce can be taken into account when deciding a fair division of the assets.

In this case, Mr and Mrs Rapp were divorcing. It was a 15 year marriage and the parties were wealthy, having assets of approximately £13.6 million, including property in Monte Carlo.

During the proceedings the Wife alleged that the Husband, who was an Oil Trader, had an extravagant lifestyle, blowing almost £600,000 on drink, drugs and call girls.

On determining the case in 2014 the Judge took that into account and awarded the Wife £7.4 million of the assets, with the remainder to the Husband.  The Husband argued that he had an ‘addictive illness’ and shouldn’t have been penalised for this, and should receive equality, and so appealed.

He was not successful however, and his appeal was dismissed.

One must be careful not to be reckless with the family money during the end of the marriage or even during divorce proceedings, as this could be taken into account by the Judge when determining a fair division.

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