Beyonce Singles Out Feyonce for ‘Putting a Ring on It’

In the latest high profile intellectual property dispute in the music industry “Single Ladies” singer and global superstar Beyonce has accused Texas based company Feyonce of breaching both her copyright and trade mark rights.

Feyonce is accused of taking advantage of the Single Ladies song and its lyrics by selling merchandise carrying slogans including ‘put a ring on it’. Beyonce’s lyrics are protected automatically by copyright under intellectual property law. What is more, Beyonce also took issue with the use of the name Feyonce, claiming that it breaches the trade mark rights inherent in her own name.

The actions of the Texas based company are claimed to cause damage to the goodwill which Beyonce has built up under those intellectual property rights and due to the fact that she has no control over Feyonce’s products, believes that she will ‘suffer irreparable harm’ as a consequence of such use.

This is just the latest in a series of high profile intellectual property disputes, which have highlighted the importance of ensuring that such rights existing in your business are protected. Once protected it is not only easier to enforce those rights by preventing third party infringement but also to exploit them thus adding value to your business.

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