Unexpected Inheritance – What could you be entitled to?

The death of an individual is always a complicated and emotional time for those involved, especially when a dispute arises in response to a will. In some cases, inheritance is unexpected, and you may be entitled to part of someone’s estate without even realising. If you think you may be eligible to receive inheritance left in the will of the deceased, it’s worth enquiring as to whether you should contest.

Client Story – 17-year-old receives an unexpected amount

Our dedicated team of Dispute Resolution Solicitors received a case from a 17-year-old who believed she was the rightful heir to her biological father’s estate. The girl in question was denied by her father throughout her entire life, and also had very little communication with any of her paternal relatives.

After hearing about her father’s death, she was also forbidden from attending the funeral and continued to be disregarded as his child. No will had been made following the death of her father, and it was left to his brother to administer the estate, including the claim for a Life Insurance amount.

After getting in touch with Forbes Solicitors regarding the case, we assessed the situation and notified the brother of the minor involved. Along with his legal team, he denied her claims to the estate and wanted to distribute the inheritance. We arranged for a DNA test to be conducted with the consent of her uncle, which then finally confirmed she was her father’s biological daughter.

We recovered for the minor £80,000 from the estate and £40,000 from the Life Insurance policy for her. She astutely used Forbes Financial Services to invest part of the money, using the rest to complete her college A-Levels, hoping to go to University.

Contesting a Will

At Forbes Solicitors, we offer specialist legal advice which will help you receive what is rightfully yours. We are committed to resolve any disputes that may come from the death of an individual and if this is something you feel you have been personally affected by, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team. You can contact solicitor Manisha Modasia in our Dispute Resolution team or alternatively call Freephone 0800 689 0831or send any question through to Forbes Solicitors via our online Contact Form.

Manisha Modasia

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Manisha Modasia is a Solicitor within the Dispute Resolution department at Forbes Solicitors. Manisha’s blogs cover her specialism in advising individuals, partnerships and company’s on contract disputes, recovery and disputing debts, emergency injunctions and remedies when facing disputes both business to business and business to consumer this includes also commercial agents disputes, intellectual property disputes and disputes arising out of contested wills. Manisha also writes about key changes in the law and regulations in relation to civil and commercial claims and case law which impacts on the Dispute Resolution.
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