If a nerve becomes severed during an operation

Imagine going into hospital and coming out worse than when you went in. That’s what happened to Mr Wood who had been suffering from back pain for many years. He was admitted to hospital for an operation on his spine. Unfortunately during surgery a nerve was damaged. It left him with constant pain in his leg which affected his foot. He was hypersensitive to contact with clothes and bedclothes. He had difficulty standing for long periods. Fortunately he was able to recover a large amount of damages for his injuries.

All surgery carries risk but surgeons are expected to ensure they identify the important structures, protect them and avoid damaging them.

Advances in surgery, particularly hip, knee and shoulder replacements have transformed the quality of people’s lives but if a nerve becomes severed during the operation the outcome can turn out to be far worse. Loss of feeling can develop, intolerance to cold and worse still, loss of function and impact on an individual’s ability to work, care for themselves and carry out basic tasks.

If the nerve was severed as a result of negligent treatment compensation can be recovered if it can be proved the negligence has caused these problems.

Whilst compensation can’t put an individual back to the way they were it can go a long way to help with making life easier. Compensation can cover loss of earnings, the costs of care and support, adaptations and equipment to make life as easy as possible, plus compensation for the injury and pain.

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